The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular at Sesame Place

October 21, 2014
460x345_SpookImage Day Trips

Welcome to Life Without Pink! You can subscribe to me via RSS feed or find me at Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for visiting!Tweet I love this time of the year. There are so many fun things to do with the family like apple picking, pumpkin carving, and Fall festivals. But when you combine Halloween, costumes, rides, and characters all in one, you are sure to have a great time! This weekend wraps up The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular at Sesame Place, so if you are looking for something to do make sure to check it out.  During The Count’s Halloween Spooktacular, families are encouraged to come dressed in costume as they enjoy Sesame Place. For even more Halloween fun, Sesame Place will be hosting two special […]

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Boy Mom Spotlight: Meet Kelly

October 20, 2014
Boy Mom Feature - Kelly Boys

Tweet If you are interested in being featured, please fill out this form. Remember you don’t have to be a mom of all boys just one. NOTE: there’s a waiting list and I will contact you about a week or two prior to your scheduled date. Meet this week’s boy mom, Kelly. She’s a mom of two boys and the creator of Project Me for Busy Mothers, where she helps other moms find a happier balance between the kids and everything else.  Kelly’s free Life Wheel Tool gives mamas a birds eye view of the 8 areas that make up her life so she can easily see what’s going smoothly and what could use a bit of focused attention. The link to the Life Wheel Tool […]

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Friday Fresh Picks: Superhero Gear for Pets + Meet Lexi!

October 17, 2014
Superhero Gear for Pets Products & Gear

Tweet I announced last weekend that I FINALLY added a little pink in my life.  Meet Lexi the newest addition to our family! My boys have been asking for a dog for over a year now. My husband and I talked about it and did some research on the type of breed that would be the best fit for our family. We instantly fell in love with Rhodesian Ridgebacks. They are smart, obedient, active, have minimal shedding (a win for me!), have low health problems, and with their family, they are a quiet, gentle companion, one who’s able and willing to defend their home and people if the need arises. What makes this breed unique is the ridge that runs down their back (my boys […]

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6 Easy Ways to Save Money at Home #SunrunHome #CG

October 15, 2014
6 Easy Ways to Save Money at Home Home & Family

Tweet When my youngest was a baby, I was laid off from my job. I found myself home with two small children and I needed to find easy ways to save money for my family. I’m not big on clipping coupons but I learned a few creative ways to save right from home. Let’s face it, no one likes to stress over money and by making a few painless changes around the house, it can really add up over a year. Here are a few ways you can help stretch your family’s hard-earned money: 1. Turn down the heat. We have a thermostat that we set to go down during the day and at night. I’ve found you can save about 3% on your heating […]

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National School Lunch Week

October 13, 2014
National School Lunch Week 2014 Featured

Tweet This post is sponsored by School Nutrition Association. This is the first year that both of my boys are in school full-time. I pack them lunches because not only is it economical, but I also know what’s in their lunchbox. But my oldest does like to buy lunch at school. So every Sunday we go through the school lunch menu for the upcoming week and he picks two days he wants to buy. I have to admit, I wasn’t too educated at first on what was being offered to the kids. Since lunch plays an essential role in a child’s day, as a parent, I wanted to know what’s being offered.  After reviewing the school menu a bit closer and talking with the school […]

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Friday Fresh Picks: 7 Spider-Themed Halloween Ideas

October 10, 2014
7 Spider-Themed Halloween Ideas Create & Learn

Tweet I’m afraid of spiders. It’s true. If I spot one, you’ll see me go running and screaming in the opposite direction. However, when it comes to Halloween it wouldn’t be the same without those long-legged, creepy creatures! Today, I’ve rounded up 7 of my favorite spider-themed ideas for Halloween. It’s a mix of crafts, snacks, and some really fun decorating ideas.  1. Spooky Spider Web Pumpkin / 2. Spider Hairdo /3. Canvas Spider Craft / 4. Spider Cake Pops / 5. Spooky Spider Cookies / 6. Creepy Crawly Spider Pumpkin / 7. Spooky Spider Halloween Lamp   Friday Fresh Picks are hand-picked favorite items, reviews and highlights from the amazing women you see above. Visit their websites to learn about other amazing picks from […]

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MeeGenius: Children’s Book App

October 9, 2014
Screen-Shot-2012-04-25-at-2.48.49-PM-660x493 Products & Gear

Tweet MeeGenius is a virtual bookstore that provides children with picture e-books. The company was formed in 2010 from what its founders saw as a need in the marketplace for a better kids digital book product. Some of the books on MeeGenius are free, while others you will have to purchase. However, all MeeGenius books are available with read-along word highlighting, rich illustrations, and engaging story narration. I like that the books are sorted in a few different ways; editor’s picks, by category, starter packs, new releases, alphabetical, and free. While the books are not sorted by reading level, there is a story preview so the parents can get an idea if the subject matter is appropriate or not for their child.   Some highlights […]

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VTech InnoTab 3S Plus Review + Giveaway

October 8, 2014
Vtech Innotab 3S Plus Products & Gear

Tweet My boys, like most kids, love electronics. In our household we have a rule. No video games during the week. Weekdays are so hectic with homework and activities, that they really don’t have much downtime. However, on weekends they know that as long as they were good during the week they can play, play, play! Of course the first thing they grab is their digital devices and lately they’ve been sitting down together and playing on the VTech InnoTab 3S Plus.  Our kids are surrounded by technology. While I think it’s great, I also want to make sure my boys don’t become tech zombies. I love companies that understand this and offer products that not only entertain kids but also gets their brains working […]

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Boy Mom Spotlight: Meet Shell

October 6, 2014
Boy Mom Spotlight - Meet Shell Boys

Tweet If you are interested in being featured, please fill out this form. Remember you don’t have to be a mom of all boys just one. NOTE: there’s a waiting list and I will contact you about a week or two prior to your scheduled date. I met this week’s boy mom, Shell, about 5 years ago at a Bloggy Bootcamp Baltimore. I was a huge fan of Shell’s before then because every story she wrote on her blog, I could totally relate to. Her story telling really draws you in. Some stories make you laugh, while others really pull on your heart strings. I remember sitting down at the conference table I was assigned to, barely knowing anyone, when a bubbly, blonde came in, and […]

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