Marvel Universe Live is Going to be Amazing! #MarvelUniverseLive

April 14, 2014
Marvel Universe Live Boys

Tweet Have you heard of Marvel Universe LIVE? It’s a live-action arena experience featuring the greatest Marvel superheroes and villains.  Characters that will be there: Spiderman Iron Man Captain America Hulk Thor Wolverine Loki Green Goblin Black Widow Storm Nick Fury Hawkeye It’s going to be amazing!! I ordered my tickets as soon as I heard about it a few months ago. I haven’t told my boys and can’t wait to surprise them. I’m literally counting down the days until we can go see this…it’s going to be unlike anything I’ve ever seen before! The stunts and special effects look absolutely incredible…take a look: The tour begins this summer. Get your tickets now!

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Boy Mom Spotlight: Meet Gena

April 14, 2014
Boy Mom Spotlight Meet Gena Boys

Tweet Meet this week’s boy mom, Gena! She’s a mom of four (yes four!) girls and one adorable boy. Age. Myles (3/10)  Describe your son. Energetic, loving, flirty, funny, outgoing, and adventurous. How do you stay calm when surrounded by ALL that energy? I breathe and remember to laugh. How do you instill gentlemanly behavior, actions, thoughts? He has 4 older sisters so I try to show him how to treat his sisters. He also looks up to my boyfriend and sees how he treats me. What do you like to do with your son? I like to watch him play games and wrestle around. He also loves to read. Where is your favorite place to shop for him? I get a lot of hand […]

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Marvel Captain America Super Soldier Gear Battle Helmet Review (Video)

April 9, 2014
Captain American Super Soldier Gear Battle Helmet Boys

Tweet The other day the Captain America Battle Helmet showed up at our door step and the boys couldn’t rip open the box fast enough. We haven’t seen the new movie yet (I know, I know!) but plan to VERY soon. They can’t wait. In the meantime, we had a blast checking out this high-tech helmet. The light-up battle vision lets you seek out the villains and when you find them, you’ll have the rocket launcher to take them out! Features: Battle Helmet has light-up battle vision Connect additional gear (sold separately) Helmet includes rocket launcher Includes helmet and 2 missiles You can customize with additional Super Soldier Gear (sold separately). Retails for $19.99 and is intended for 4yrs and up. Want some more fun? […]

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New Disney Inspired Apparel From Jumping Beans at Kohl’s #MagicAtPlay

April 8, 2014
Disney Jumping Beans Collection for Boys Option 4 Boys

Tweet Tomorrow we are heading off to California for the Disney Social Media Moms conference. My boys have NO idea and I can’t wait to surprise them. My oldest turns 8 at the end of the month so a little Disney magic will make his birthday extra special! Right now I’m in freak out mode. Packing for the whole family is overwhelming but thanks to Disney Living and Kohl’s, they provided us with a gift card to go shopping! We had the opportunity to check out the new Magic At Play Disney themed apparel by Jumping Beans available exclusively at Kohl’s. The line is available for kids of all ages in infant, toddler, boys 4-7, and girls 4-6x. It’s nothing like you’ve seen before. It’s […]

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Boy Mom Spotlight: Meet Amanda

April 4, 2014
Boy Mom Spotlight Meet Amanda H Boys

Tweet Happy Friday! Today I’d like to introduce you to, Amanda, mom of three boys! I love her parenting advice, “I think having a sense of humor is not only incredibly important when raising kids of either gender but also freeing for the parents. A lot of times, laughter takes away the frustration, the pain, the negativity.” Meet Amanda and her beautiful family! Ages. Camden 7/18/2005, Palmer 1/29/2007, and Lane 3/1/2013 Describe your sons. Camden is a dreamer. Big ideas, nothing is impossible. Full of energy and creativity and curious about the world. He’s also spender, always on the lookout for something new to entertain himself. Palmer is studious, inquisitive and obsessed with fairness and justice. Always on the ball with homework and tasks. He’s […]

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier Activity Sheets #CaptainAmerica

April 3, 2014
captain america activity sheets Boys

Tweet Are you ready? Tomorrow Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters! To get the kids even more excited, here are some fun activity sheets, puzzles and mazes for them to do. This is perfect timing, since we will be on an airplane next week. I plan on printing these out along with the Captain America coloring sheets to keep my boys busy and happy! Click on the image below to download the activity sheets or click here.  Have fun! About Captain America: The Winter Soldier  After the cataclysmic events in New York with The Avengers, Marvel’s “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” finds Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, living quietly in Washington, D.C. and trying to adjust to the modern world. But when a S.H.I.E.L.D. colleague […]

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Boy Mom Spotlight: Meet Jeanette

March 28, 2014
Boy Mom Spotilght Meet Jeanette Boys

Tweet Happy Friday! I’d like to introduce you to this week’s boy mom, Jeanette, and her son, Caleb!   Age.  Caleb, 12/04 Describe your son. He is the most laid back kid you’ll ever meet. You could say, “Come on, Caleb, I am going bra shopping all day and you need to come with me.” He’d go and never complain. He never gets angry, annoyed or distressed about anything. For me, he is the ultimate cool kid. Kind to all others. Never judges and even goes out of his way to befriend the other kids who may be a little “different”. How do you stay calm when surrounded by ALL that energy? If anything, he helps me have more energy! How do you instill gentlemanly […]

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Exclusive Offer: Helping Boys Learn

March 26, 2014
Happy Mom & Boys Boys

Tweet Written By: Dr. Edmond J. Dixon, PhD Want to chat live with Dr. Edmond J. Dixon, Author of Helping Boys Learn? Join us on April 2nd at 9pm ET on my Facebook page for a fun Q&A session and the chance to win a copy of Helping Boys Learn. Also, make sure to check out the exclusive offer for Life Without Pink readers below (at the end of the article). ‘Let’s face it; I’m stupid. You know it, I know it, and my parents know it!” These words were spoken in anguish and anger to me by Chad, a 12-year-old student in my office. He reflected a profound problem that I could no longer ignore as a school principal. I had seen too many […]

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10 Creative Boy Birthday Party Themes

March 24, 2014
10 Creative Boy Birthday Party Themes Boys

Tweet I love planning my boys’ birthday parties but sometimes it can be challenge.  My oldest will be turning 8 next month and already we are in planning mode. He first asked for a superhero party, so I started doing some research. Then he came home from school the other day and said he wanted a sports themed party. Ok, so I switched gears and started researching sports party ideas. Then yesterday he told me he was confused and wasn’t sure what he wanted. That’s when I decided to round up a few really cool and unique party ideas that he can choose from. There are so many fun options to go with and all can be done on a budget – so get creative! […]

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