Boy Mom Spotlight: Meet Shannon

I’d like to introduce you to this week’s boy mom, Shannon! She’s a mom of an almost 4 year-old little boy and is due with her second child in July. Congrats Shannon! Her personal blog is Sweet Stella’s. I absolutely love the mission of her blog:

What will you find here on the Sweet Stella’s blog? Home decor trends, color trending, party planning, inspiration, DIY projects, and how to lead a healthy and positive life.  You will also find me talking about causes that I am passionate about, like Ovarian Cancer Canada. I believe in giving back to your community, and being passionate about a cause. I believe in doing good, helping others and opening up your heart to allow for good things to happen to you.

Make sure to stop by and say hi!  

Boy Mom Spotlight Meet Shannon

Owen (6/10)

Describe your son.

Shannon and son
Owen is your a-typical boy. He has a huge love of monster trucks, Scooby Doo, trains, planes, and climbing all over Daddy when he gets home from work. He has two volumes: asleep and loud. He is a little ball of energy from 8am until he goes to bed at 7pm, without a nap, and is the most curious little guy I’ve ever met. He’s such an awesome kid!

How do you stay calm when surrounded by ALL that energy?

I meditate every single night before I go to bed. I put my head phones on, turn on whatever meditation I feel I need in the moment and take a few minutes to just relax and be in my own head space. When Owen was 5 months old, I had been diagnosed with postpartum depression. It was a long hard road, but I chose to go through it without medication. I paint, sculpt, meditate…all of that artsy-fartsy stuff is a part of who I am and it gives me the space to breathe amongst the craziness of being a boy mom. 

How do you instill gentlemanly behavior, actions, thoughts?

His Daddy is to thank for that. He is teaching Owen to open doors for Mommy, and ever since O was little he has enjoyed snuggling with me. He’s a compassionate little guy and gets upset when he hears a baby crying or if his Daddy or I get upset about something. Since he could speak we’ve taught him to say please and thank you, and recently he mastered “May I please be excused” in the cutest “I please excuse? please?” It’s pretty adorable. 

What do you like to do with your son?

He’s really creative and loves to do puzzles, color and draw. It’s so awesome to see. This Christmas, we built a gingerbread train together and he decorated the entire thing so methodically. He loves the process of putting things together (and taking them apart) so we do a lot of hands on building. 

Where is your favorite place to shop for him?

Old Navy. He grows like a weed (currently in 4T and 5T clothes!) so I like that I can get good quality clothes on clearance for him.

How do you maintain close relationships with your son as he ages?

We say I love you, a lot. I’m talking about 20 times a day. He says it unprompted, gives hugs, snuggles, kisses. We talk all the time about what makes him happy, what makes us happy…we talk through anger and try to verbalize when we are upset. It’s a pretty open household, so I think creating a space where your kids feel comfortable to talk is important. 

What type of sports or activities does he participate in?

Right now, he is in the Mini Jacks program at The Little Gym. He goes for a one hour class, once a week. He’s been going there since he was 1 and a half, and absolutely loves it. He’s recently been asking to play hockey, so I guess we’re going to have to look into a learn to skate program!

What are some books/series your son likes to read?

All of the Bear stories by Nick Bland. We started with The Very Cranky Bear, and he now has Itchy Bear and Hungry Bear. The stories are really cute and he knows most of the words. Actually, not the longest time he thought that a lion said “no no no no no” instead of roar!

How do you handle violence in play? Some of this is normal “boy” behavior, but when do you feel it crosses the line? How do you guide them?

Thankfully, he’s not at the age yet where he’s violent when he’s playing. Sometimes he reenacts monster truck crashes, but just with his trucks and cars and always says “oh I hope everyone is okay!” I’m sure our time will come…he’s starting to get into Transformers and super heroes, so it’s only a matter of time.

Biggest mess!

He’s actually a really clean kiddo (takes after Daddy). I’ve tried to get him to finger paint and put his footprints on canvas, art projects like that, and he freaks out a little when he realizes how messy he is!

I love being a boy mom because ______  

there is no love like a what a boy has for his mama.

Give us your best boy mom tip!

Be patient. I know it sounds totally futile, but be patient. They are growing and developing so fast, and sometimes they really don’t understand that they’re being aggressive, or how to express their anger, so they play rough and get a little physical. Be patient, talk on their level and speak quietly. It’s keeping me sane lately.

Something Special:



Well, we are big time believers in a bedtime routine. While it has changed over the years (our little guy is 4 now…well, just about), a few things have remained the same.
We start with the bathroom routine, either a bath or potty and brushing his teeth. Then lotion him up, into his pj’s and it’s time for a story. His favorite right now is I Love You, Stinkyface, and we take turns reading the boy and mama parts (it’s pretty darn cute!).
After that, I turn on his Sleep Sheep and fan, turn out the lights and sit on his bed to sing Yesterday, by the Beatles. Finally, it’s time for kisses goodnight and this is one part of the routine that if you mess it up, he will let you know! I say “I love you” kiss, “sweet dreams” kiss, “think about happy things” kiss (he has a lot of nightmares). As I leave his room, he will say “and now shut your eyes, goodnight!” and I have to repeat it.
He’s very much a creature of habit, not that my husband or I will complain…he sleeps 7pm-7:30am, and sometimes later than that if his room is really dark. Now that baby boy #2 is almost here (due in July), I’m sure that we’ll have a similar routine, but one that involves Big Brother Owen and him helping put the baby to bed.


Thank you Shannon for sharing your family with us and best wishes for a healthy and safe delivery! Make sure to follow Shannon on twitter at @sweetstellas and check out her Etsy shop. 
She has some really awesome designs like this handpainted beautiful Southwestern Santa Fe bowl (love it!):
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