Boy Mom Spotlight: Meet Amanda

Happy Friday! Today I’d like to introduce you to, Amanda, mom of three boys!

I love her parenting advice, “I think having a sense of humor is not only incredibly important when raising kids of either gender but also freeing for the parents. A lot of times, laughter takes away the frustration, the pain, the negativity.”

Meet Amanda and her beautiful family!

Boy Mom Spotlight Meet Amanda H


Camden 7/18/2005, Palmer 1/29/2007, and Lane 3/1/2013


Describe your sons.

Camden is a dreamer. Big ideas, nothing is impossible. Full of energy and creativity and curious about the world. He’s also spender, always on the lookout for something new to entertain himself.

Palmer is studious, inquisitive and obsessed with fairness and justice. Always on the ball with homework and tasks. He’s the saver. Takes his allowance to the bank and deposits it and is so proud to see his balance grow.

Lane is a baby. THE baby. The best baby. He’s full of giggles an smiles. He absolutely adores his big brothers (and they, him). He’s smart and sweet and a joy to have around. And, he’s a dancer. 

Check out this adorable video!

How do you instill gentlemanly behavior, actions, thoughts?

Leading by example. Although I am not a gentleman, treating other people with kindness and compassion is universal, across gender lines.

Also, I have a book. “How to raise a Gentleman.” I highly recommend it.

Where is your favorite place to shop for them?

I love resale, for a variety of reasons. 1. Its’ sustainable. 2. It’s inexpensive. 3. The boys are going to destroy it or outgrow anyway, so why buy brand new? 4. (my favorite reason) You get a great variety of brands and styles in one stop (Gymboree, Gap, Carter’s, Children’s Place).

How do you stay calm surrounded by all that energy?

Wine. Lots of wine. Only kidding! But no, seriously, wine (for me, not the kids). I really am kidding. I grew up in a boy house (four brothers, no sisters), so I acquired immunity at a pretty early age. I am used to energy and constant noise. But, when it overwhelms me, I regale myself with daydreams of an early bedtime (for them, not me).

How do you handle violence in play? How do you guide them? 

So, in the beginning I was determined to raise pacifists. Neither my husband nor I were raised with guns, and we’d never, ever (ever) have one in our home. So it seemed like a no-brainer to teach our kids not to use, handle, or play with guns (even toy guns).

Then I had three boys. No joke, when Camden was 3, one morning at breakfast ate his toast into the shape of a gun, aimed it at me, and uttered, “pew, pew, pew” under his breath.We take a more moderate approach now and allow toy guns, but they are never to be aimed at a person or an animal. If it happens, the gun gets taken away. At which time, they resort back to toast guns.

What type of sports or activities do they participate in?

The older two have done a variety of sports. Basketball was voted the favorite, though with all the “short” genes in the family, I’m wondering if I should steer them back to soccer instead.

They also love the skate park. We have a really nice city site park close to home. Camden and Palmer each have a scooter and a skateboard, and Lane has a Y-bike. We spend hours there.

What are some books/series they enjoy? 

Camden loves comedy (hmm, wonder where he got that from?) so of course he is into the Wimpy Kid series and Captain Underpants. He also likes nonfiction and interesting facts, like the Guinness Book of Records.

Biggest mess!

Too many to pick just one, but I’m sure it was toilet-related in some way. We have had everything stuck in there, from matchbox cars to wooden blocks and of course, the obligatory entire roll of toilet paper from time to time. Can you say overflow? The tow older ones have been schooled on how to turn the shutoff valve, quickly!

I love being a boy mom because ______  

I never have to share a mani/pedi. On the downside, I never get to share a mani/pedi. Unless of course one of them ends up being into that.

Give us your best boy mom tip!

Laugh. Laugh a lot. Because if you’re not laughing, you’re crying. Crying is okay, too. But, try to laugh more than you cry.

Something Special:


My boys say some pretty funny things, mostly unintentionally funny, for sure (well except the poop jokes, but I promise I will spare you). And, yes, I write them down. You can totally see their personalities come through in the things they say. Palmer is ever the pragmatist and Camden is the idea-man.


Thank you Amanda for sharing your family with us!

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  1. Rob Hernandez says

    I am so proud and fortunate to have my wife and boys in my life. Thank you Tina for publishing this article.

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