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Written By: Dr. Edmond J. Dixon, PhD

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‘Let’s face it; I’m stupid. You know it, I know it, and my parents know it!”

These words were spoken in anguish and anger to me by Chad, a 12-year-old student in my office. He reflected a profound problem that I could no longer ignore as a school principal. I had seen too many boys who did not succeed in school. I knew he was not stupid, and his parents saw him as a smart, if unfocused, child. But our opinions no longer mattered. His experience in school had convinced him otherwise. He dropped out a few years later and I was saddened, but not surprised.

Your own son may not become a drop-out, but if he is like many boys, he may dislike school or not apply himself to the fullest and be perfectly willing to let the girls in his class achieve more highly. Statistics show that this leads to boys who are increasingly unprepared for a world in which high levels of education and social-emotional intelligence are required.

Without even knowing it, many of our sons are falling behind. This is something that is only going to become more frequent as schools bring in new curriculums like the Common Core Standards. A good question to ask yourself is: Does he put as much passion and effort into school as he puts into video games?  If the answer is no, then you may need some other tools to help him get there.

What can a concerned parent do? I have found that you can have a profound impact on your son’s success—no matter what the situation at school— if you use the “6 Secrets of Boys Learning” I have identified in my book Helping Boys Learn.

HBL Parent Cover copy
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Members in the community will receive:

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2. Fun and Easy Online Course Tailored to YOUR son’s learning style  You’ll love what you discover about your son in this engaging step-by-step process to help you leverage his strengths to make him successful at school with simple, but effective tips and strategies you can use at home. You can even do the course on your phone!

 3.    Weekly Learning Tips Conveniently delivered to your email inbox or phone, these helpful and fun tips will keep you and your son exited about his learning progress and achievement strategies you can use at home.

4.    Ongoing support when you need it! Helping your son to be a successful learner is not a one-time event. It is a daily process that is often hard and frustrating, but you don’t have to do it alone. As a member of our community you will have access to advice and continued support from Dr. Dixon (me), other boys learning experts as well as other committed parents helping their sons become successful in school and life!


Exclusive Offer

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I look forward to giving you the tools to help your son learn with joy and passion in school so he can reach his potential in in the classroom and beyond!

Dr. Edmond J. Dixon 

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A pioneer in the field of Cognitive-Kinesthetics for learning, Dr. Dixon is a human development specialist with 30+ years of experience as a teacher, administrator, researcher, author–and parent of boys! He is the founder of the KEEN Differentiated Learning Group, an organization dedicated to helping struggling learners, and the creator of KEEN 5X, a series of strategies for classroom engagement and learning which has been used with more than 50,000 students and teachers. His latest book, Helping Boys Learn is published in parent and teacher editions. A dynamic and popular presenter, he has spoken throughout North America on education topics. For more info visit

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    I don’t have any boys (yet – we’re not done yet!), but we have definitely seen the shift in education being more “female oriented” – more lecture and quiet time style and less moving and doing (obviously some girls do better with hands on and some boys do better just sitting and learning, but it’s more common the other way). Good to know there are things we can do to keep boys interested in learning too!
    Rachel´s last blog post ..Upcoming Event: Nano Day

    • says

      I know, I had no idea that “movement” was part of how they are wired and learn :) My son is always moving around and I would tell him to stop, but now I know it’s ok and he actually pays attention more when he is moving :)


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