Fun Places to Visit in Lancaster, PA #VisitLancaster

fun places to visit in lancaster

Disclosure: This is a sponsored media trip. All of my thoughts and opinions are based on my own personal experience. Read Life Without Pink’s full disclosure here.

I’m back to tell you all about our recent trip to Lancaster, PA. Even though we only stayed one night, we made so many fun memories and really crammed a lot into two days.

We stayed at Bird-In-Hand Family Inn and it was great.  The property was nice, there’s a ton of things to do on site, and it’s in a great location.

The Amish Village

Our first stop was The Amish Village. To kick off the day we enjoyed a nice lunch in their picnic area and had some time to chat with the other bloggers and their families.

bloggers at lancaster

My favorite part was participating in the guided tour and learning about the Amish. We toured an Amish house and school and were given lots of interesting facts about their culture, religious beliefs, and family life. 

Here are a few things I learned:

  • Kids only go to school until the 8th grade.
  • Amish prefer no buttons – too fancy.
  • Aprons are attached with straight pins (yes, you heard that right…straight pins!).
  • Amish sew all their own clothes on old fashioned Singer machines.
  • Weddings are in November on either a Tuesday or Thursday (end of their crop season).
  • No divorces are allowed.
  • Once an Amish man marries he never shaves again.
  • Amish use peacocks like a watch dog.
  • Amish read a newspaper called The Budget. They jokingly call it their version of Facebook.
  • Amish can not own a car or vehicle.
  • The Amish have a summer kitchen in order to keep the main house cool.
  • They are not allowed to use decorative objects in their home, unless it serves a purpose.
  • Girls sit with their parents during Church, unless they are married.

After the tour, we explored the rest of the property and stopped to visit the animals.

This lamb was born the day before and my boys asked if we could bring him home with us. He was adorable!


Strasburg Railroad

Next stop…the Strasburg Railroad. We’ve been here a few times and it never gets old.

strasburg train

You can ride the “big” train (a 45-minute scenic train ride), the miniature Pint-sized Pufferbelly steam train, and the authentic Pump Car.

strasburg railroad

My boys love watching the train pull into the station and this time I got it on camera:

I’ve never been to Day Out With Thomas, but I’m planning on taking the boys this year. They are running this special event in June, September, and November and from what I hear it’s a must see!

Choo Choo Barn

choo choo barn sign

Last stop…the Choo Choo Barn, which features more than 150 animations and 22 operating trains, this 1,700 square foot handcrafted, work-of-art is packed with small-scale local landmarks and detailed scenes from Lancaster County.

The boys had so much fun running around the display pointing things out.

Look there’s a zoo!

I see a baseball field!

Mom, people are skiing down a mountain!

But our favorite by far was the house on fire. You see smoke coming from the roof, a firetruck pulls up, firemen get out and squirt water on the house, they get back into the truck and drive away. Talk about attention to detail!

choo choo barn

At the end of the trip we attempted to get a photo of everyone. As you can imagine, it’s pretty impossible especially with kids but we managed to snap a photo of half the group:

lancaster bloggers

A special thank-you to my Girls’ Lunch Out {GLO} partner Erica and Tiffany from Scheffey for helping me put on a fabulous event!

erica tiffany and tina


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