10 Creative Reading Nooks For Kids

This school year started off a bit rough because my son had no interest in learning to read.  It was frustrating but with a little patience, a lot of guidance and constant encouragement, he now loves to read!

We recently put new bookcases in the boys’ playroom and I’ve been thinking about creating a little reading nook in the corner. I want it to be a spot that’s nice and cozy for them.

I started looking around for inspiration and I’m loving the idea of adding an indoor teepee in the corner. I think the boys would totally dig that. I’m even thinking of convincing my mom to teach me how to sew – can’t be that hard, right?

Here are a few creative reading nook ideas I’ve found:


#1 Restoration Hardware

Reading Nook for Kids

#2 La Dolce Vita

#3 Apartment Therapy

#4 Trendir

#5 Dosfamily

#6 on Flickr

#7 miss-mi.tumblr.com

#8 Apartment Therapy

#9 The Moments of Mine

#10 Design Sponge

But my personal favorite is this one is by M’atelier

What do you think? Could you see yourself curling up with a book in this spot? I sure can!

Tell me – do you have a reading nook or area for your kids?

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