Living In The Moment

It was two hours past bedtime and I could hear small giggles and colliding of toys coming from my youngest son’s bedroom.

I put on my “Mom” face, walked in and sternly told the boys they needed to go to sleep.

I headed back to my room to do more work.

Fifteen minutes later, I looked up and saw a little face peeking out from behind my door.

“Mom, can I sleep with you?”

I looked at my computer, back at my son standing there holding his favorite toy and decided I was going to live in the moment.

I turned off the computer, scooped up my five-year-old, and placed him in my bed.

I laid down next to him and felt his little hands wrap around my neck. With his nose pressed up against mine, he reached out and gave me a kiss on my cheek.

“I love you mom.”

I laid there holding him, not wanting this moment to end.

His breathing became more steady and his head calmly rested on my chest.

I squeezed him a little tighter.

I am living in the moment.

I’m linking up with Pour Your Heart Out

When was the last time you “lived” in the moment?

Part of my Year of Growth series.

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    How sweet! The other night the kids and I were watching tv. I’m pretty sure it was just a hockey game so nothing special. My son grabbed a blanket , curled up next to me and said he wanted to snuggle. Of course I couldn’t say no.
    Evonne´s last blog post ..Stay out of the kitchen

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    Last month presented a lot of those moments. We lost my mom and my youngest seemed to be taking it in stride. Until the visitation. But he has hugged much tighter, opened up much louder about how he feels and I am holding him as tight to give him some peace about it all.
    Angel´s last blog post ..And then she was gone

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    This reminds me of a perfect “Just Write” post you could link up with at The Extraordinary Ordinary! Just lovely. Also, must say that I love the name of your blog. Even though my older son (of two boys) adores pink, I related immediately.
    Jessica@Team Rasler´s last blog post ..One little resolution

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    I did this last night too. My baby was sick and crying. We were up from 1ish on. But, at 4 – when I decided I needed at least 2 hours to sleep… I really didn’t want to put him down. Because he’s a heart melter too. Love this. I might come back and read it a few more times because it just hits so close to home. Kristen
    Kristen´s last blog post ..I Have NO idea what I’m doing!

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    There have been many moments like that. I am doing something else and my son looks at me and says “Mom I want to ….. with you”. I have learned to stop whatever I am doing and give my kid that attention. They are only little for such a short amount of time that we must live in the moment. Whatever it is we are doing it can wait.
    Nolie´s last blog post ..Happy New Year 2012 (Wordless Wednesday)

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    Swoon. This is perfect. I am glad you did that. I don’t always do those things :( when they ask, and I need to say yes more, not worry about what I’m in the middle of.

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    Love this post! What a great decision! I have what I think might be a live in the moment – moment!

    Tonight, while I was blog reading, honey bunny called me over to his computer to show me that a man he mentored a long time ago has now surpassed him. (We are long since retired). Rather than be envious of this person surpassing his highest achievement in his career, he was so proud of him that he was bursting with it.

    I immediately got up and hugged my honey bunny. To me, it takes a great man to be proud of the achievements of others rather than be envious.

    I don’t know if it qualifies as a living in the moment…but I was bursting with pride for my guy…and the guy he had mentored.
    Ann´s last blog post ..Baba Ganoush

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    Oh yes, I need to do this more. Except wait…my kids pile into my bed every night and kick and squirm and basically make sleep impossible :) I need to take that time to enjoy a few precious moments with them, let them fall asleep on me and then softly move them back to their beds.

    Putting the computer away is everything to our kids, I am so glad you did it! Snuggles are awesome!
    Brittany {Mommy Words}´s last blog post ..Sharing Grief: 5 Months After Losing our Baby

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    You made a beautiful choice! I am on a journey to choose what matters over daily distraction because those moments, like the one you experienced, are the ones that make life worth living. So happy to find other parents making the same choice. LOVELY!


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