It’s My Birthday – 34 Fun Facts About Me

Today I am celebrating my 34th birthday {gulp}.

I still can’t believe I’m 34, but I am.

So in celebration of me turning one year older, I’m going to share 34 fun facts about myself;

1. I’m the oldest child out of 3.

2. My Grandfather played professional baseball.

3. My Dad was drafted right after high-school for the Royals but turned it down.

4. I played varsity softball for four years.

5. I talk really, really fast.

6. Had a terrifying experience as a child.

7. Had lunch with Mr. T {yes he even said ‘I pity the fool’ during our lunch}.

8. Met my husband when I was 17.

9. Have a fear of the ocean.

10. Went on a cruise when I was 20 years old with girlfriends.

11. Almost got into a fight in San Juan {yes on that trip}.

12. Had my heart broken.

13. Kissed a stranger.

14. Lost a childhood friend.

15. Was a bridesmaid in eight weddings.

16. Had a job I desperately wanted to leave.

17. Went to Rome with 16 friends {what an experience}.

18. Met “Mr. Big” in Rome.

19. Was obsessed with getting engaged.

20. Surprised my husband with a trip to Vegas for our first wedding anniversary.

21. Didn’t find out the sex with both my boys – surprise!

22. I’m a bit OCD

23. Met Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell {aka Superman as my son would say}

24. Lost my child in public.

25. A bit obsessed with the twilight series.

26. Just celebrated my 8 year anniversary.

27. Laughed so hard I’ve peed my pants.

28. Tried out for a reality show with my husband.

29. Still live in the same town I grew up in.

30. Let friends go.

31. Can’t watch scary movies.

32. Pushed people away.

33. Was fired once when I was 18.

34. Biked 65 miles and made it!

What’s one fun fact about you that we might not know?

In case you are wondering what to buy me for my birthday, my 2011 Holiday Wish List is up!

Meet Tina @ Life Without Pink

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  1. says

    I don’t know what I am jealous of more that you went to Rome with 16 friends or that you had lunch with Mr. T and he said “I pity the fool”…. lol

    Great list Tina!

    Happy Birthday AGAIN! :)

  2. says

    I bet your trip to Rome was amazing!!!
    One fun fact about me is that I met Shawn Marion of the Dallas Mavericks at the annual Crawfish Festival in Dermott, Arkansas a few years ago when he played for the Phoenix Suns.

  3. says

    Awesome post, Tina and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! What a great post, I learned we have several things in common! Sometimes I talk so fast people can’t keep up, I’m a bit OCD and I cannot watch scary movies.

  4. says

    Happy Birthday and many happy returns! Those are some pretty cool facts! Here’s a SUPER random fact about myself that I’ve NEVER put on my food blog….

    ……I won’t eat a tomato if it’s cut in a wedge. Love, love, LOVE tomatoes, but tomato wedges creep me out!
    Ann´s last blog post ..Corn, Bacon and Green Onion Tart

  5. says

    I LOVE this post! I’m the youngest child of 3 ;) And I can’t believe you met your hubs at 17 and live in the same town you grew up in! I know I’m a little late to the party – but hope you had a great day mama!!

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