Scratch It!

The other night I took the boys to the store quickly so I could pick up a few things we desperately needed – you know like food.

As we were checking out, Little B started crying for me to hold him. After I put everything on the counter to be scanned, I picked him up.

Then he starts.

“My butt itches Mom!”

This only means one thing…he needs to go to the bathroom.

Then Big A starts crying he is tired. I pick him up with the other arm struggling to get him into the cart. I realized just how big he really is…about 45 pounds now!

I start putting bags in the cart as Little B keeps screaming, “My butt itches, scratch it!”

The teenage cashier looks at me with a disgusted smile, obviously she has no idea and I felt like saying to her, “Don’t laugh, your time is coming Miss!”

I decided instead of getting embarrassed, I would embrace it. So what if my son said he has an itchy butt. Everyone around me has experienced this before in their life and my son is confident enough in his own skin to shout it through the store to let everyone know….literally!

What’s the most embarrassing thing your child has said while in public?

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  1. says

    Moo used to have the embarrassing habit of announcing when she used the bathroom in her diaper by saying “I doo-key mommy!” And it would seem that she always did this in public. I learned quickly not to cringe because she’s a toddler and they are unscripted 24/7.
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  2. Jessica says

    So funny! Mine was climbing on a play toy at a science exhibit that made the sound of a heartbeat. He yelled “mom! This sounds like your boobs!”

  3. says

    My daughter, age five, didn’t like sharing the spotlight. She got right up close to a visiting friend’s face (the friend thought she was getting a hug hello), and Tatjana said “I don’t like you, please leave my house immediately.” It was embarrassing at the time, but you know what? She was right, that woman later proved not to be a good friend at all. I’ve trusted Tatjana’s first impression of people ever since.

  4. says

    I can’t think of anything at the moment…but good for you for not worrying about it and good for your son for letting you know it was potty time!

  5. says

    When my oldest was just starting to talk he had a hard time with T words, they sounded more like F words. Imagine my embarrassment when he’s screaming about a truck in the middle of Toys R Us and it’s coming out sounding more like that extra special 4 letter f word that ends with a ck. Mortified!
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