5 Tips for Working from Home

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“Oh so you work from home, wow that must be nice.”

That’s the response I often get.

Have you ever tried to work from home with two kids and no sitter? Yes, it’s not so easy. It’s like having your boss with you 24/7 barking out orders all day long.

I know that I am very fortunate to work from home. I get to spend all day with my kiddos, be there when they get home from school, run errands when I want, participate as a room mom and cuddle on the couch.

But it’s not always easy, actually it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had.

I have to get up early, stay up late, sneak in business calls, deal with tantrums and I often feel guilty no matter what I do.

After a crazy summer and my oldest starting school a few weeks ago, I decided I need to get on a better schedule.

Yes I know a schedule and kids really don’t mix, but here are a few things I’ve been trying and it’s really helping me stay organized {and sane}:

Go To Bed Early, Wake Up Early

This one is a struggle for me. I usually stay up until mid-night working, but then I find in the morning I can’t get moving. The last few nights, I’ll put the kids to bed and work for about two hours. Then I’ll head to bed and read or catch up on some of my favorite shows before calling it a night.

When my hubby leaves for work in the morning around 6:30am, I have him wake me up and I head right to the shower. That’s another key point. For some reason, if I don’t get up and shower right away my day is completely off. Getting a shower and dressed before the kids wake up is HUGE!

Don’t Forget About the Kids

When working from home, it’s so easy to not be able to “shut it off”. I admit there are some weeks where I am so busy I feel like I do nothing but work. It’s easy to get sucked in and you need to be really disciplined to not let that happen.

In the mornings, after we’ve had our breakfast and I’ve had my two cups of coffee, the boys and I will go outside, play a game, read a book or do some school work. It’s my time to make sure I concentrate on them.

Then when my oldest gets home from school again I try and “shut down work” and concentrate on them until bedtime. They are only going to be little for so long.

Set a Timer

After my oldest gets on the bus, it’s just me and my two year old. I set a timer and give myself small tasks.

15 minutes: fold clothes

10 minutes: catch up on email

20 minutes: read books

25 minutes: phone conference

If I don’t do this, before I know it two hours have passed while checking emails.

When I give myself small tasks to concentrate on, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Go Out

Working from home means you can go quite stir crazy at times. I try to leave the house at least every other day even if it’s to run a few small errands. I feel like an actual human again when I can escape the house for a little bit.

It helps me get away from the computer and clear my head while getting a few things crossed off my list.

Remember You

Between the house, errands, kids, menu planning, school, activities and work….I find there is little time for “me”. A few weeks ago, I was feeling pretty down about myself. I realized I haven’t been putting myself first and after awhile it started wearing on me.

Now I’m trying to exercise more even if it’s 20 minutes in the morning. I also try and sneak out of the house once or twice a month at night to do something for me whether it’s to go shopping, get my hair cut or just drive in silence. It really makes me feel good to do something for myself.

If you work from home, what are some of your tips for staying organized and balancing everything?

Meet Tina @ Life Without Pink

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  1. says

    I think these are all great tips – and we should do whatever it takes for us to get through the day!

    I love your idea about setting a timer though. I sit at my computer all.day.loooooong, so it’s not like there are different tasks outside of that I end up focusing on, but it would be nice to give myself ‘x’ amount of time to work on one project, then move along. I’d probably become even more efficient!
    Jessica´s last blog post ..New Facebook Group: Reasons To Be Happy

    • says

      It’s so hard…today I had two conference calls and a twitter party I ran…thankfully my little one was good but he kept saying “cuddle with me” and I felt horrible. But I have to remember I’m with them all day :)

  2. Jessica says

    Such great tips, Tina. I am finally getting on more of a schedule and I feel like I am getting so much more done and not half-paying attention to everything. So hard to find balance.
    Jessica´s last blog post ..It’s Not Permanent

  3. says

    Great tips Tina! I find the key for me is finding balance. A schedule is a must for me, and so is some time outside the house. Working from the coffee shop on evenings when my hubby can be ‘on duty’ helps tremendously.

    Like you said I love what I do, but it’s not always easy to shut off, and remember to take time for yourself and your kiddos.

  4. says

    These are great tips! I worked from home with only one boy – and it was so hard! I was annoyed when people would say I aws lucky! Its’ really hard! especially to balance everything and feel like you pay enough attention to the boys! You do so much! Great job and great tips!
    Jessica Gardner´s last blog post ..God Provides

  5. says

    I think these are GREAT tips. I’m having to find a sense of balance as well now that I work from home. Like you mentioned, I think one of the most important things is to find “me” time. A lot of people tend to think that being home means that you get all of the “me” time you want, when I think in actuality it’s quite the opposite. GREAT tips!!
    Courtney @ The Mommy Matters´s last blog post ..Rockabye Baby…

  6. says

    A schedule is a great idea! I hope it works out. I do it when I’m cleaning! 45 minutes of cleaning….15 minutes of reading….clean, read, clean, read! It makes me happier when all the cleaning is done and I’m finishing my story!
    Ann´s last blog post ..Asparagus Soup

  7. says

    All great tips! I’m lucky to have a job that lets me telecommute throughout the month and I know that I get too caught up in other things to work! I love the timer idea to get me focused!
    Barbara´s last blog post ..F is for Gym

  8. says

    These are great tips. I especially like the timer one. I do the same thing with e-mail (or other social media sites.) I have to remind myself to focus and not get sucked into things or my time flies by without accomplishing much of anything.
    angela´s last blog post ..Unsupervised, A Short Play

  9. says

    I really try to write down time blocks for things too. I have a tendency to hop from one thing to another and then I’ve spent a lot of time doing very little of anything. I admire you for putting your kids first. That’s something you will never regret!

    • says

      You are so right. It’s hard when you have deadlines and some days are more difficult than others. But the last few weeks I’ve been really trying to not work as much during the day and spend time with them. No matter what it’s hard.

  10. says

    I really like the “set a timer” idea. I use it for my boys for screen time, I guess it is time to start using it for my own! Thanks for the light heart and great suggestions.

  11. says

    I used to be one of the ones to say “that must be nice,” (don’t hate me) but then I saw some of my mommy friends in action and realized that juggling working from home with little ones is NOT as easy as it sounds. I totally ate my words after that and would NEVER say it again. I give you mad credit for accomplishing it all and think this is a really helpful list for mothers dealing with the same.
    Charlotte´s last blog post ..Vlog: Easy Canvas Prints Giveaway Winner!

    • says

      I dont mind when people say it {they don’t know until they’ve done it} but what bothers me is when people think you dont do anything but sit around…if only I could just sit around :) You are so thoughtful!

  12. says

    Oh wow yep it totally sounds familiar. I’ve been working from home for 5 years and in that time increased my little family from 2 kids to 4 kids. And one w/some disabilities that take extra time. Well in Jan of this year I went back to work at the office. AND YUCK! It has been awful! While I’m very grateful to have a more steady income it is NOT what my family needs. I’ve really tried to push the online world but recently I’ve decided that I’m going to go out on my own (CPA / accounting) and get myself back in the home! My kids need me and even though everything you described is exactly true, And yep it really is harder the benefits far out weigh the difficulities. I’ve decided I needed to go back to an office to realize that. Too bad I didn’t catch on sooner! Thanks for the post!! When I get back home it will really help!

  13. says

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