July Project Marriage Challenge: Date Night

Congratulations Hopes from Staying Afloat – you are our July Winner!!

It has been one month since we first introduced Project Marriage! We hope you are having fun and feeling inspired because that’s what it is all about!

Mommyfriend and I are so excited to announce our July Project Marriage Challenge! So get ready!

This month’s challenge is to find a sitter (oh, I know), and go on a date with your spouse!

Can you remember the last time you went out on a date? I’ll wait…..

Yeah it’s been that long for me too!

Life is so different after having kids. Before kids, my hubby and I went out on dates all the time. We would go out to a fancy dinner, have a few drinks, maybe go to a movie or meet up with friends.

But now, well things are very different.

Now a date consists of trying to find an outfit without a stain, scarfing down food in fear someone will eat it before I get the chance, and heading home after only two hours because we are tired. Lamesauce I know!

For this month’s challenge, I want to get all glammed up, go to a local hot spot and sip an overpriced fruity drink as I leisurely flip through the menu and ask for more time before ordering – not because I need it, just because I can.

If you have kids, we’re challenging you to try and make it through date night WITHOUT talking about your awesome kids, gasp!  I know, it’s going to be a challenge but we know you can do it! And if you don’t have kids, well then you will breeze through this part!

But wait, there’s always more.

We are beyond thrilled to announce that Bellflower Books is the official sponsor for July’s Project Marriage Challenge!  Bellflower Books allows you to create personalized memory books full of letters and photos from your closest friends and family!  One lucky July Project Marriage participant will be randomly selected to win a $75 gift certificate to Bellflower Books! Winner will be announced August 1st on the Project Marriage Facebook page and on Twitter (be sure to follow #projectmarriage).

Speaking of Project Marriage’s Facebook page, be sure to “Like” us there and share your Date Night links!  Your support of your fellow Project marriage participants is so totally awesome and we love you for that!

As always, we have a linky open for you until July 31st to share your Date Night adventures and pictures!

Make sure to take a photo from the evening to link up to our Facebook page!

Click here to enter your Date Night link!

Bloggers: We have a blog hop open below for you to share your date night posts and/or vlogs.  If you could do us a favor by linking back to this marriage challenge in your post and tweet your post with the #projectmarriage hashtag it would really help us spread the word!  Thanks so much!

Non-Bloggers: We most definitely want to hear from you too!  If you’re interested in vlogging, please add your YouTube link to the blog hop, otherwise simply share your story in a comment - we so hope you do!

So what are you waiting for….call the babysitter and start planning your romantic date!  Have fun!


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    • says

      Oh girl I know it’s hard, that’s why it’s such a challenge! BUT great idea. I’ll post something on our fan page today about topics to talk about other than your kids. That will be fun!

  1. says

    I love this challenge! Trying to go out to dinner without the kids can be hard. I am going to a concert next weekend without kids, but I’m not if I want to count that as a date night. Not talking about the kids is going to be the hard part!

    I love that you partnered with Bellflower Books. They are awesome!
    Evonne´s last blog post ..Fantastically terrifying

  2. says

    Love the challenge but I don’t know if we can go an entire night without talking about the kid. I don’t know what we used to talk about before we had children, but it should be fun giving it a try!
    Barbara´s last blog post ..Parenting Pet Peeve


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