Accepting Motherhood

After becoming a Mom I’ve slowly learned to accept;

~ That while my kids are with me, I’ll never eat a full meal again.

~ That I won’t have a good night’s sleep until my boys are married. So in another 25 years I can finally get some rest.

~ That I am not a size two anymore and I can stop trying to squeeze myself into my pre-kid jeans.

~ With two boys, the house will never be clean or spot free again.

~ As soon as I pick up the telephone to make a call I can fully expect someone will need me, something will get broken or a fight will break out. Every.Single.Time.

~ That I will have approximately ten minutes {if I’m lucky} to get ready each morning.

~ When I finally get the chance to go shopping for myself, I’ll come home with bags full of stuff for the boys and nothing {sadly} for me.

~ That it is ok I’m driving around in a mom mobile and will occasionally be referred to as a “soccer mom”.

~ When I decide to get up extra early in order to get a few things done, someone will ALWAYS wake up five minutes later. I swear they have radar on me!

~ To never have privacy in the bathroom again.

~ When I finally get the chance to dress up, I can always expect to find a stain on my clothes somewhere.

~ That I no longer control the TV. If it’s not the boys taking over then its my hubby. And three against one, I will always lose.

~ Even though life is crazy and full of twists and turns, I would never change it for the world!

So now it’s your turn, what have you learned to “accept” after becoming a mom?

Meet Tina @ Life Without Pink

2013 Family Expert for P&G's Have You Tried This Yet? Trend Trio, Tina is a mom of two active boys and the founder of Life Without Pink, a mom's guide for raising boys. You’ll find everything from cool gadgets, trend reports, daily adventures, travel ideas to personal stories, and tips for parenting boys.


  1. says

    The only reason I have more than 10 minutes to get ready is because I get up a full half hour before any one else needs to be up. I can’t wait until I only have me to be responsible for…but then I’ll really miss these crazy days!
    Kmama´s last blog post ..The Mom Cold

  2. says

    there’s alot to be said for what your wrote.. i love all this… yet there’s another side to this. Like you i raised boys, they are now grown and have moved away for post-education studies.
    The thing is is, by the time the youngest was 10, all of those points had pretty much disappeared, it doesn’t really take 25 years. Boys will forever be in love with their mom, will always prefer to come home for her cooking, will stand by each other just because they can, and at the end of the day, they are true protectors when it comes to their mom… they don’t fight as much with you in teenage years, they tend to want to fight with their dad (who always wins by the way!)… love that life is good! thanks for posting, you’ve brought me back a few years!

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    Oh I so hear you on the phone calls and the getting up early. It never fails, whenever i get up early to get some extra blog or volunteer work done on the computer, little man comes wandering into the kitchen two minutes later. I’ve actually started avoiding certain steps on our hard word stairs to keep them from creaking!

  4. says

    Great list! I agree with the shopping one. Recently a friend and I went out for happy hour and we left the restaurant and our happy hour behind to go shopping for our kids. WTF! I would add that you’ll never have a truly lazy Saturday again. Also, even if your kids aren’t with you (if they’re at grandma’s, etc.) you will always worry about them – even if they are out of sight.
    Elena @NaynaDub´s last blog post ..Sunday’s Time Out Recipe Challenge

  5. says

    Oh, this is my life, too! Really all of it, but especially the TV:

    “I no longer control the TV. If it’s not the boys taking over then its my hubby. And three against one, I will always lose.”

    If it’s not “Dinosaur Train” then it’s “Build it Bigger.” LIfe as a boy-mom!
    Adelle @ ready…GO!…get set´s last blog post ..Gratitude Monday

  6. says

    I’m glad you wrote this post and I read it today. I’ve really REALLY been struggling lately with not being able to eat a hot dinner (after I worked so hard to make it) or use the bathroom in peace (c’mon, it’s only 30 seconds!). My son is 19 months old. As much as I love being with him, I crave 5 minutes here and there just to myself. I swear there is SO much I could do in just 5 minutes without a toddler!

    Anyway, I’m glad to read it’s not just my toddler who makes life a little more challenging & less relaxing–but also way more awesome at the same time!

  7. says

    I agree with the radar thing. Happens to me 9 out of 10 mornings. I think my addition would have to be that no matter what you do, you are ALWAYS going to have to step over and dodge toys in the shower. We tend to find racecars, balls, legos and other random objects in our bathtub. :)
    Courtney K.´s last blog post ..Projects &amp Cookies

  8. says

    I am so with you on all of these. Great post.

    And remember – there will never again be a cup of coffee that doesn’t have to be reheated before you finish it.
    carina´s last blog post ..the boy

  9. says

    a) i posted about my “clean” house today. PUHLEEZE! Disastah!
    b) privacy in the bathroom? not unless you get 15 kinds of locks, and then you’ll still see fingers coming thru the bottom
    c) i wouldn’t trade it either. *most* days ;)
    MommaKiss´s last blog post ..The state of things

  10. says

    Great list!!!

    ~ I’m no Martha Stewart or June Cleaver, but that’s okay
    ~ That as much as I love my kids, there will be times when they are not happy with me.
    ~ That as great as I think my kids are, they aren’t perfect
    ~ That as much as I want to control every piece of their lives, one of my biggest jobs as a mom is to give my kids the tools they need to survive on their own
    ~ That raising honorable, responsible, respectful human being with integrity is TOUGH – I only hope I can do as decent a job as my own parents did
    ~ Having more kids doesn’t mean that you have more help to keep the house cleaner lol
    ~ That not spoiling your kids is a lot harder than I thought it would be
    ~ That my kids respond so much more to what I do, not what I say
    Stacie @ CrazyMomLife´s last blog post ..How About 40

  11. Mom says

    Just wanted to correct one thing, just because they are married doesn’t mean you will sleep better, you just worry more about them and their family…… your sleeping days ARE OVER!!!!

    But, you are right…… twists and change are a good think and I would never ever change it for anything

    and Nicole ** shampoo can be a good thing!!

    Luv yah!!


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