The Sabotage Of First Day Photos

It was the first day of school and I did what every good mom would do; I took a few photos of my son before he headed off for his big day.

And my boys did what boys do best, they made a funny face in every photo just to drive their mom nuts!

Case in point; the little guy thinking he is funny by sticking his tongue out at the last second;

Big A makes it look so painful to smile;

Getting their photo taken with Mom Mom and Poppy and both boys try to be funny once again;

Here is Big A trying to ruin a photo with me;

Now its Little B’s turn;

But finally I was able to get one good photo with my preschooler;

It might be the one and only photo I get with him where he is not making a silly face.

Gotta love boys!

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2013 Family Expert for P&G's Have You Tried This Yet? Trend Trio, Tina is a mom of two active boys and the founder of Life Without Pink, a mom's guide for raising boys. You’ll find everything from cool gadgets, trend reports, daily adventures, travel ideas to personal stories, and tips for parenting boys.


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    Taking good photos with more than 1 person in it is challenging. When it was just B I was usually able to snap a good shot or two. Now with a family of 5 getting a shot where all of us look good is nearly impossible!

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    Thanks for the comment love! I just spent some quality time at your blog today…it’s a small blogging world :)

    I’m smitten by your adorable boys! I have two girls (13 months and 9 months…yes, four months apart…it’s a long story) my hubby and I are already scoping out prospects for them :)

    We should do a blog swap…Life Without Pink meets My Double Dose of Pepto Pink Life! hahaha!

    Look forward to reading more posts.


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    Wait! Was that my kid making those faces in YOUR pictures? “Cause I could have sworn that was my kid!…well, it’s hard to tell when the little gremlins all insist on doing that. It’s the age. I think they outgrow it by, like age, 42…something like that.
    .-= Sandra´s last blog ..The story of uscest pour toi Isa! =-.

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    These are SOOOOOOO cute! I’m glad you can see the humor in them! It drives me nuts when my boy doesn’t smile at the camera, but runs away instead!



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